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Gordy's Equipment policies and procedures for handling customer information have been created with the understanding that Internet technologies and business methodologies are continuously evolving. As a result Gordy's Equipments policies and procedures are subject to change.
Gordy's Equipment will protect the confidentiality of its customers' information, account information and personal communications consistent with the law and the legitimate interests of Gordy's Equipment, its partners, its employees and other customers of Gordy's Equipment's services. In the course of serving its customers, Gordy's Equipment acquires, stores and transmits customer communications and information that customers may regard as private or sensitive. Some of this information - such as the customer's name, address, telephone number, and credit card data - is provided to Gordy's Equipment by its customers in order to establish service. Other information - such as the customer's account status, choice of services, and customer logs - is created and maintained by Gordy's Equipment in the normal course of providing service.
Gordy's Equipment also uses cookies, which are small pieces of information that a web site can store in a designated file on a user's computer for various reasons to uniquely identify visitors to its site. Cookies, in and of themselves, do not transmit any personal information to our site. They do allow us to coordinate multiple sets of information which you may choose to submit to us and assign them to the same web browser or computer, which often indicates an individual user.
Gordy's Equipment may also use the information we collect to occasionally notify you about important new products, services, and special offers we think you'll find valuable. We may provide aggregate statistics about our customers, sales, traffic patterns, and related site information to reputable third-party vendors and business partners, but these statistics will include no personally identifying information. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.

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